CSPC2016 has ended

The CSPC has become Canada’s most comprehensive, multi-sectorial and multi-disciplinary annual science policy forum and attracted numerous politicians and hundreds of professionals from industry, academia, the non-profit sector, federal and provincial governments every year. The conference has traveled across Canada: Toronto (2009), Montreal (2010), Ottawa (2011), Calgary (2012), Toronto (2013), Halifax (2014), Ottawa in (2015) and returns to Ottawa in 2016.

The conference objectives are:

  1. to provide an inclusive forum at the national level to identify, discuss and provide insights into the current Canadian science, technology and innovation policy issues;
  2. to forge stronger linkages and create networking opportunities among science policy stakeholders;
  3. to provide a venue for a new generation of scientists, entrepreneurs and policy makers to interact, innovate and shape the future of Canadian science policy landscape which is required for a knowledge-driven economy;
  4. to provide a supportive environment for innovative ideas and projects in science policy, and encourage further collaborations across sectors;
  5. to lay the foundation for a centre dedicated to science, technology and innovation policy.

The CSPC has impacted the science policy community in many ways;

  • Successfully established a national network of stakeholders. Hundreds of private sector, academic, government, and non-profit organizations have enthusiastically embraced the concept and have become vigorous participants. They submit diverse panel proposals, identify emerging issues, attend the conference and signal a greater capacity for growth and transformation of Canadian science policy.
  • Became a gateway for the younger generation of scientists and policy makers to enter the science policy arena: Over 300 graduate students and postdocs from across Canada have served on various committees for the development of the conference. They develop interest and expertise in science policy, and from which many have pursued and built their career.
  • Has driven coverage of science policy in the mainstream media. CSPC has been covered by numerous media outlets, including CBC, The Globe and Mail, The Hill Times and CPAC. Nature magazine hailed the conference as one of the hopes of science policy in Canada.
  • Contributed significantly to elevating the science policy discourse by introducing novel topics and generating content through more than a hundred panel sessions, including hundreds of speakers some for the first time in Canada. All of these discussions have been captured in podcasts and proceeding books for the public.