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Graham Campbell

Energy Council of Canada

Graham Campbell was appointed President of the Energy Council of Canada on December 16, 2013.   After starting in the oil and gas industry with Shell Canada Resources, Graham’s career has progressed through roles in government and regulatory agencies culminating as Director General, Office of Energy Research and Development, Energy Sector with Natural Resources Canada from 1997 to 2008.  Graham’s earlier experience includes the National Energy Board, the Canada Oil and Gas Lands Administration, and the federal departments of Energy, Mines and Resources and Indian and Northern Affairs. 


Following his work at NRCan, Graham undertook policy research at the Conference Board of Canada and he led the Carleton University Sustainable Energy Research Centre as the Centre’s Executive Director.  In the area of international energy collaboration, he has served as the chair of the International Energy Agency’s senior technology committee, and he co-chaired the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy. Graham has a broad perspective on energy issues based on his work in a range of energy sector organizations engaged in exploration, energy regulation, technology development and policy research.