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Mehrdad Hariri

Canadian Science Policy Centre
President and CEO

Mehrdad Hariri is the founder and CEO of the Canadian Science Policy Centre, a not-profit virtual for science and innovation policy in Canada. He founded the Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC), a national multidisciplinary forum dedicated to the Canadian Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy discussions. Mehrdad Hariri has numerous publications in various media outlets, and regularly appears in media as a commentator on science policy issues. He studied in the fields of Veterinary Medicine, Cell Biology and Functional Genomes, in Tehran, Montréal, and Toronto universities, and performed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the McLaughlin-Rotman Centre for Global Health.

 Sample of Publications:

Chief Science Officer or Advisor, CSPC Editorial [Link]

Can Scientists Speak? The Agenda, TVO's flagship current affairs program, Panelist at TVO's Flagship Current Affairs Program, Oct. 17th, 2013, [Link]

 A national priority: Creating a science policy centre, Canadian Government Executive. Mehrdad Hariri, June 20 2012, [link]

 Time to Upgrade Science Policy 2.0 The Mark News. Peter Hackett & Mehrdad Hariri. Nov 13, 2011, [Link]

 One and one interview with Steve Paikin The Agenda, TVO's flagship current affairs program, , Oct. 23, 2009 , [Link]